Wk 12- Art Experience- Ethnography

Starting off my experience with no electricity, I really didn’t have no place to go asleep outside after my house is actually pretty small; I don’t have much yard space. So, I did the activity in two parts, outside under a tree with some chairs and inside with my bed.

Before I turned off all the electronics around me, I thought my experience was going to be easy but in deed quite boring. I did this activity with two of my siblings and at first it was quite relaxing. We were just chilling under a tree, hearing peaceful sounds that consisted of birds chirping, crickets, and dog barking from a far. We then had a couple long conversations about our days or memories. As the conversations started to end, I was just staring at the sky and stars. My sibling went back inside and I was left alone with my thoughts. After all this, it was already around 12:30a.m. and I was sleepy. So, I went inside to my bed and continued with no electronics. Every time I’m about to go to sleep, I usually see a couple minutes of television but this time I didn’t. I just laid there with the light off. I actually went to sleep pretty quickly; as a matter of fact, I didn’t even know when I fell to sleep. I woke up the next day, which was Sunday. I thought to myself that I was correct. My experience was easy but boring because I am used to being entertained by technology. Which made me realize that it’s a luxury what we have now, back then people couldn’t press a few buttons and instantly watch any entertainment.

This activity wasn’t frustrating for me but was in deed liberating. in the sense of myself, organizing a couple of thoughts or plans. I planed what I was going to do for the next day, when I usually just wake up and go as my day passes by.

Living without technology or electricity is of course organic, after electricity was invented or discovered. Our ancestors weren’t handed this as a start-up utility. They survived with what they were given, which was nature and each other. They had their own way of entertaining themselves.


Wk12- Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini

For this week, the art pieces that I enjoyed to see were all placed in the East Max L. Gatov Gallery and were property of Alice Andreini. She is a graduate student of Draw and Paint, from CSULB. A couple fun facts about her is that she loves to go hiking and peeping art galleries. She has been living in Long Beach for 6 years and she ones had a job at a movie theater.

Through out her art pieces, Alice has different colors; she says that she tried to tie the different colors with the time settings of the day. Like for example, blue was for a gloomy night and the gold/yellow is the golden hours of a sunset. Which I thought was very wise of her. Her paintings are about different landscapes and of her personal perspectives of them. She also said she scouted the landscapes before she actually started painting them, for example my favorite piece from her which is the blue one below, is from a golf course. She made it clear that she isn’t inspired by nature that much, but loves illusions or special constructs. Which personally I think she shows. She made the golf course look like a virtual reality. But before she created the big pieces she actually did smaller ones (which are also below.) The smaller paintings follow the same landscape concept but they don’t have any color, only black and white.

This was the only information I got to receive and I would have hoped I could have asked a bit more; I had to do something important.


Exhibition Information

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Media: Painting, Landscapes, illusions

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Mark de Artola and Jeremy Masterson

For this week’s classmate conversation, things went a bit different. The assignment was to interact with two other classmates you haven’t spoken to and the classmates I got to speak to were Mark de Artola and Jeremey Masterson. I did my index cards with them after we had to connect our cards and create an art piece similar to one in the gallery’s.

So, what I learned about both of them wasn’t much but I got the basics down. Mark is a 2nd year student and lives in Temple City, CA. Which I was shock to hear after the city is pretty far from the school. He says that he doesn’t dorm and that he drives from his home to school 4 days a week. I then asked him for the type of car that he drives and he said it is a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle; which for some reason explained why he loves to drive. His major is in Kinesiology with the emphasis in exercise science.

Jeremy is also a 2nd year and is majoring in business accounting. He told me that he lives in Long Beach at the moment but is originally from the bay area. I didn’t get to know if he dorms or not but I am assuming he does. Asking for his hobbies, he stated that he plays ultimate Frisbee and enjoys hanging out with his friends. I think that him playing ultimate Frisbee is very unique, after to be honest I didn’t even know Frisbee can be played with different teams. I’m curious if he plays for a team?

They both seemed to be chill and nice guys. I hope I get to interact with them a bit more.


Wk11- Artist Conversation- Nichole Borgo

For this week’s artist conversation, I have chosen, Nichole Borgo. She is a student at CSULB and will be gradating with a BFA in Ceramics. She was not there to answer any questions students may have had for her work, but the following information was taken from the description paper posted by her exhibition. Her art work was placed in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery and I was drawn into it for one main reason. Her gallery was the only gallery to catch my eye and that I related to, in a way. Throughout her gallery she has ceramic objects she built by hand (they look like smooth, red, clay bricks) and on the top side of the objects she has old family photographs. She wrote that, the images come from a polaroid or from her personal Instagram (which is not on the description paper).

In her work she tries to capture old feelings that reference in her past, like when she was younger. The way she has them displayed is also interesting, the bricks have wires connecting each other; she described it as a web but to me it looked like a brainstorm. The images that are connected to each other are all from a stage or memory in her past so, they all have unique personalities, emotions, faces, or masks. She states that, some images in her work also can trigger sense such as, smell, taste, and touch. Which I can agree, after some pictures have cakes and hand gestures.

Earlier I said I somewhat have related to her work and that is because by seeing her images, it made me remember of a couple related memories. Like for example, an art piece she had displayed, had pictures what look like a birthday party she had when she was younger and this reminded me about pictures my mom has in our family picture book. (image of art below)


Exhibition Information

Artist: Nichole Borgo

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: n/a

Wk 10- Art Experience- Architecture: The Wedge

I did my redesign on the USU Wedge, funny to say that I’m one of the students that has a little affection to the wedge. The first time I ever came to CSULB I passed through it after I was to lazy to go around the gray block. The gray block was built to be a place were student drop advertisements or flyers for other students, but to be honest, they rarely use it now days; I took a picture of it and it looked rusted/dusty. So that’s why, for my redesign I have removed it. I thought it was okay to remove it after across the wedge’s flyer block, there’s another one just like it. If students ever want to add flyers, they can place them on the other one. Also by removing it, I do not think students would even care, after it will prevent the traffic it causes most of the time. If anything, the people who have affection to it can still walk between the cement bench and pillar that I have left in my redesign. My redesign in a way still has the USU wedge and prevents from a line from being formed.

Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Amy Duran

Amy Duran is responsible for the art exhibition I chose for this week’s artist conversation. She was not present to answer any questions for me or my fellow classmate had, but thankfully her brother was there to assist; I didn’t get his name unfortunately. Amy Duran is a senior at CSULB and will be graduating this May with a BFA in Ceramics. The work she had place down for students to see was actually a visual fable that in a way represents her personal struggles on feeling anxiety as an adult woman. She created ceramics characters and obstacles to tell a story about a young girl that didn’t feel in place in different situations of her life. A brief summary: The story is about a girl having a dream of herself running away into the forest, hopefully solving her problem. While she is in the forest she finds out she needs to let her inner child go and only then will receive happiness. I enjoyed this fable after I kind of related on filling out of place and too sometimes feel like running away.

The presentation of the entire story also caught my eye. The entire story was surrounded by a fake house, which made it feel like if I entered an actual home. (PICTURES BELOW)

After you have entered, the story is told in parts, from the start to finish. There is ceramic display with a written description for every section. The ceramic displays also had levers, which would move the characters. Duran’s brother said he helped to build the levers but did not know how his sister built the ceramic figures or the fake home around the place.

Her brother told the students that they are from the city Buena Park and that his sister has been comminute her entire CSULB journey. I then asked if he knew if it was Amy’s first gallery and replied by agreeing. I then asked for his sister’s hobbies and said she only works on her art and her bakery skills. Amy apparently loves to decorate cakes at a bakery she is employed at.


Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: Forever by your Side

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Instagram: @polkadot.pony

Wk9- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

For the graffiti experience I had to buy some spray paint. For some reason I wanted to buy gold spray paint, which I did. Then for my second color I got white, first because it was the cheapest color and second because I thought white would compliment the gold. At first I was going to spray my name on a huge piece of wood my parents had in the backyard but they denied. So I did the activity beside my house, on the floor. I actually sprayed my last name, not my first name; my friends call me and know me by my last name. Glenn told the class to make a pencil sketching first but I just did it free hand. It came out awful but I wanted to feel or try it like an experienced graffiti artist or gang member who finishes their name under a minute; they don’t use pencil sketches.