Wk 15- Classmate Conversation- Samantha Hernandez

For my last classmate conversation, I got to talk with Samantha Hernandez. She is a first year just like me, and is an undeclared student but is interested in linguistics or business. She is currently living in the city of Watts and is not dorming at CSULB. I thought It was cool that I found a person that actually lives close by me; most students live in Long Beach.

Samantha is very interesting and loves to do tons of things, a couple being, to drawing, read, hang with friends, play basketball, and loves the thrill of rollercoasters. She also like to watch TV shows, like I do and funny to say that we both like Parks and Recreation from Netflix.



Wk14- Classmate Conversation- Jacob Siciliano

The classmate conversation I got to have this week was with Jacob Siciliano, and actually he came up to me asking if I needed a partner for the assignment, which I am glad he did. Jacob is a freshman at CSULB but is actually from Lancaster California. He currently dorms at Parkside and says he is enjoying studying at Long Beach so far but is temped to study broad; which if he does, he will be heading to France or Italy. He said because he has a bit of Italian in his family.

Jacob’s major is film and is heading to become a director or screen writer. Jacob seemed very into his major and I hope he becomes what he desires.

Other than that, he also enjoys playing a 6 string electric guitar. I wish I would have asked him if he knew to play any songs but I guess I had a brain fart.

I enjoyed meeting Jacob, he is a nice guy and is easy to talk to, we actually discovered that we both like the same TV Series/Show, it is a bit old but is streaming on Netflix, “The Office.”


Wk14- Art Experience- Sketching in the Japanese Garden

To start off my art experience for this week, I went to the Japanese garden and I want to state that I actually did not even know the place existed. I do not know if it is because I am a first year, or for some other reason but I just what to say the place is actually very beautiful and amazing. As soon as I entered the place felt like I teleport to another place, it was quite relaxing and for some reason I thought the place was going to be a bit smaller than it was; there is actually a lot of interesting sections with in it.

For my sketches, I already knew I was going to be very horrible so I tried to no pick things with too much detail. For my five-30 second sketches, the time went pretty quick. People might barely tell what I chose. The five small sketches consisted of a small tree, what looked like bamboo, a rock, and a small Japanese doll I saw in a small compartment.

Then when I got into my 5 minute sketches, I chose an island that was located in the koi fish pond. I sat pretty far from it after there was not enough room I could have sat down. So, after I am poor at drawing and I couldn’t see the pond that well, my 5-minute sketch of the island came out as shown below.

When I started doing my hand contouring sketch, I thought it was going to be quite easy, but as I went though it I was corrected. It did not come out to be perfect but it looks better than my other sketches.

For the 3 minor abstract sketches I chose two types of leafs and a plant that had a ton of red cherry look a like beans on every small vine; and again I am garage at drawing so they came out like shown below.

Finally, I did another 3 sets of abstract sketches but this time I chose things a bit larger, which were a Japanese water fountain, small statue, and a set of bamboo branches. I actually do not even know if the water thing I chose is called a fountain but I did an abstract sketch on it.

Overall, all my sketches were awful BUT it was nice discovering a beautiful and relaxing place at CSULB.

Wk 13- Artist Conversation- Krystal Ramirez

The artist I got to speak to this week was named Krystal Ramirez. Her exhibition “La Cena Esta Servida” was located in the Merlino Gallery. Krystal is at student in CSULB and is receiving her BFA in Metal and Jewelry soon, which to be honest stands out in her art pieces I saw this Wednesday.

Walking in her gallery the first thing that ones sees is a huge dining table with silver ware placed on top; the sliver ware being her art. There were around 11 plates that had different appliances on top, all the appliances were created by her and with different types of metals/jewelry. A couple of examples: copper, pewter, sterling sliver, brass, and bronzed. The plates, which were a variety, all had their own names. She says that they indicate different relationships she has made in the dining table over time, “reflecting on the people that have been part of my journey and the influence they have had on me.”

Assuming she is Hispanic off her name and her appearance, I think forming relationships over the dining table is a Hispanic thing, after by myself being part of a Hispanic family, we always take dining time seriously. We all sit together and discuss with each other. Sometimes we invite others to eat with us and over time we build relationships.


Exhibition Information:

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: La Cena Esta Servida

Gallery: Merlino Gallery

Media: Metal and Jewelry


Wk13- Classmate Conversation- Trevor Yarger

For this week we had to meet another classmate; I got to meet Trevor Yarger. Being a student in CSULB, Trevor has always lived in Long Beach. He went to Alamito High school in the area and was actually in the wrestling team. Now Trevor is a senior at CSULB and is majoring in two majors, which are Finance and Supply Chain Management. Unfortunately, Trevor is not graduating this year but until the next. However, he has enjoyed his experience in CSULB so far and he can’t wait until his hard work pays off.

Aside from school, Trevor enjoys being outdoors with his dirt bike and skateboard. Trevor also has visit Italy and Spain recently. He went to Italy to visit a friend that is studying abroad and from Italy they decided to go to Spain for the fun of it.

It was nice speaking with Trevor, I hope I get to discuss with him more.


Wk 12- Art Experience- Ethnography

Starting off my experience with no electricity, I really didn’t have no place to go asleep outside after my house is actually pretty small; I don’t have much yard space. So, I did the activity in two parts, outside under a tree with some chairs and inside with my bed.

Before I turned off all the electronics around me, I thought my experience was going to be easy but in deed quite boring. I did this activity with two of my siblings and at first it was quite relaxing. We were just chilling under a tree, hearing peaceful sounds that consisted of birds chirping, crickets, and dog barking from a far. We then had a couple long conversations about our days or memories. As the conversations started to end, I was just staring at the sky and stars. My sibling went back inside and I was left alone with my thoughts. After all this, it was already around 12:30a.m. and I was sleepy. So, I went inside to my bed and continued with no electronics. Every time I’m about to go to sleep, I usually see a couple minutes of television but this time I didn’t. I just laid there with the light off. I actually went to sleep pretty quickly; as a matter of fact, I didn’t even know when I fell to sleep. I woke up the next day, which was Sunday. I thought to myself that I was correct. My experience was easy but boring because I am used to being entertained by technology. Which made me realize that it’s a luxury what we have now, back then people couldn’t press a few buttons and instantly watch any entertainment.

This activity wasn’t frustrating for me but was in deed liberating. in the sense of myself, organizing a couple of thoughts or plans. I planed what I was going to do for the next day, when I usually just wake up and go as my day passes by.

Living without technology or electricity is of course organic, after electricity was invented or discovered. Our ancestors weren’t handed this as a start-up utility. They survived with what they were given, which was nature and each other. They had their own way of entertaining themselves.


Wk12- Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini

For this week, the art pieces that I enjoyed to see were all placed in the East Max L. Gatov Gallery and were property of Alice Andreini. She is a graduate student of Draw and Paint, from CSULB. A couple fun facts about her is that she loves to go hiking and peeping art galleries. She has been living in Long Beach for 6 years and she ones had a job at a movie theater.

Through out her art pieces, Alice has different colors; she says that she tried to tie the different colors with the time settings of the day. Like for example, blue was for a gloomy night and the gold/yellow is the golden hours of a sunset. Which I thought was very wise of her. Her paintings are about different landscapes and of her personal perspectives of them. She also said she scouted the landscapes before she actually started painting them, for example my favorite piece from her which is the blue one below, is from a golf course. She made it clear that she isn’t inspired by nature that much, but loves illusions or special constructs. Which personally I think she shows. She made the golf course look like a virtual reality. But before she created the big pieces she actually did smaller ones (which are also below.) The smaller paintings follow the same landscape concept but they don’t have any color, only black and white.

This was the only information I got to receive and I would have hoped I could have asked a bit more; I had to do something important.


Exhibition Information

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Media: Painting, Landscapes, illusions

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East