Plaster Casting Activity

Alright so, because I didn’t get another classmate to help me on this plaster activity, I took my family. Other than I knew I needed help; I also didn’t want to be alone at a beach with people staring at me because I’m digging a hole and pouring what looks like cement. We went to the San Pedro Beach. Starting to mix the plaster I didn’t know if the ocean water would do any malfunctions to the plaster so, I had to carry clear water from the shower heads. At first I put what I thought was enough water to the four pounds of plaster and then it seemed like I put too much water. I thought I ruined it; I was already on my way to buy more plaster and then it started to turn a bit thicker.

After I made the hole and poured the plaster in the layout, we supposedly had to wait 20-30 minutes like the instructions say but NO! We waited around two hours and then got tired. We covered the hole with some dry sand and went to get some food. It might have taken longer to dry because I put a bit more water than it needed. We came back and VUALA!!!

Using the powder plaster reminded me about when I mix cement with my dad at work. I really enjoyed doing the activity not only because it was at the beach but because I spent time with my family


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