Wk 2- Classmate Conversation- David Valle

On the first day of February, I had my second visit to my Art 110 class; we had another classmate conversation and I got to meet another student from CSULB. When I was about to stand up to look for a person to talk to, David Valle asked me if I wanted to have a conversation with him, after he already knew the person beside him from Downey high school. So how every college conversation start, we asked for one another’s majors. He is a first year business student and his goal is maybe to graduate in marketing. Because business is my second choice after engineering; I asked curiously, what he tends to do with his degree and he states that he’ll be helping with his dads trucking business.

Further on, after I finished explaining that I play soccer as a sport, he tells me that he enjoys soccer as well; unfortunately, he some what retired because he injured one of his legs’ tendons.

He also drives a 2000 Jetta to school.20170201_154533


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