Wk 6- Art Experience-Zines & Flip Books

Alright so for this week’s activity I had to do a zine or flip book; I decided to do it on my childhood. My childhood on my street, Bliss street with my friends. The flip book has different activities that I enjoyed with my friends; only some of the activities not all.

Starting the activity, I had to look for some string to stitch the white computer paper I stole from my printer. Luckily my mom enjoys knitting so she had some to spare. Of course I don’t know how to stitch so my mom was actually laughing at me. I used some of her spare pink string she had.

The front cover of the book supposed to represent a street sign but because I’m not that creative it came out awful.

Page 1-2: My friends and I always had the newest trend of the street, or we HAD to have it. A couple of years ago fixies (type of bike), bmx’s, and skateboards became a kind of trend in our city and we all had at least one of each genre. We would use them all around our city until dark.

Page 3-4: After the long days of riding our skateboards or bikes we would chill in my friend’s backyard. We would just use our phones, talk, and listen to music. We all had brand new phones, the phone wasn’t touch screen but had all type of buttons.

Page 5-6: My friends and I were all very athletic. We loved boxing, playing soccer, and football in out street. (The circle with the green x in the middle surrounded by shapes is actually a soccer ball). My friend had a ball just like that, until a car ran it over. We had some good times with that ball.

Page 7-8: When me and my friends weren’t not outside playing, we were inside enjoying a couple matches of WWE wrestling or Call of Duty in a PlayStation.

(I’m not that great at drawing so I did what I could.) If I do this again next time, I’ll trying a bit harder or print some images from my computer.


I enjoyed this activity not only because its abnormal (I never had done something like this) but because it was great thinking back at some memories.



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