Wk 6- Fiction Story inspired by Carmina Correa’s Memes Show

One afternoon around 4 p.m., Dr. Wow picked up his son Billy from school, he also had their family pet, Doge. Dr. Wow had made a promise to Billy the day before, “I’ll take you to play in the local park tomorrow, if you let me finish up this work!” his father was a very busy laboratory scientist and didn’t spend much time with his son. While they where heading to the park Dr. Wow remembered that he had to drop off a formula to his lab partner, he had made some adjustments. Good thing he had it in the backseat. “We’ll go to the park right after, sorry Billy.”


Dr. Wow and his partner have been working on an experiment with ants. Both of the scientist were fascinated on how strong ants are, after they seem tiny. They have been working on a formula that will increased the size of an ant. The formula had been enlarging ants but not enough.


They arrive to the lab, when Dr. Wow was reaching for the formula he notices the flask the liquid substance was in was empty; Doge drunk it. Right when Billy and his father notice Doge drank it, Doge started to increase in size. They take him out the car and run to the lab’s parking lot. Doge was increasing in size quickly. Billy was crying while Dr. Wow was actually laughing and proud. He was happy the adjustments he made had worked. Doge turned into the size of a blimp/zeppelin. Doge takes off running to the middle of the city. The lab had connections with the army so, other scientists see Doge and report the information after being scared.


Doge was just walking through the city spraying a light beam through his eyes. The beam coming out is eyes could have been used as a weapon but Doge wasn’t as powerful or in the level of destruction after he was new, a rookie with the power.

The army’s cargo bobs started firing at Doge but the bullets and missiles were to weak.

Doge turned into his normal size, the substance only worked for 30 minutes.

Dr. Wow got a bit upset that the formula didn’t work for longer but was happy they received Doge back.

Exhibition Information:

Artist- Carmina Correa

Exhibition- Memes Show

Media- Collage, Memes, Color Pencil, Watercolor

Gallery- Marilyn Werby Gallery


Watercolor on canvas with Color Penciled outline

22″ x 27″


CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery




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