Wk7 – Artist Conversation- Andrea Mejia

The artist I got to meet this week was Andrea Mejia; She was sitting by the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery. Entering the gallery everyone including me thought that every single art piece inside the exhibition was hers. We were all wrong; Andrea only had one that she calls “Infinite Cities.” The Dutzi Gallery actually had different content from different artists, in other words it was a group show. Unfortunately, she was the only artist there representing the entire group. Andrea is a student at CSULB and she will be graduating in the upcoming fall semester. She will be receiving her BFA in illustration and she wouldn’t mind joining Grad school after CSULB. She came into the art genre of college after being kicked from becoming a business major; she wasn’t good at math. In my opinion she picked a great alternative after she was one of several students to summit her art and that got to join the group gallery.

Students and I were curious on what she did on her free time and her response was, working in a theatre in Downey. She says she actually lives in Downey at the moment and loves working where she does. She gets to watch a couple of free movies; she loves watching films, “Wolf Children” being her favorite animated movie.

A student asked who was the guy in her art, she replied saying that it was a character from a comic book that she has been working on named Alex/Alexander. I personal got astonished when she said that; she doesn’t only know how to draw but can create comic books. Then I remember she in deed stated she was majoring in illustration. Unfortunate, she says she hasn’t been working on it that much, in fact she doesn’t even know if she wants to get into creating comic books. She thinks it is a hard business to get into. The comic she has been working on for 2-3 years now involves Alex/Alexander and other young kids that have realized they are being slaves. She didn’t get into that much detail, so that’s all I got or know.

Andrea is very nice, talented, and a unique artist in my opinion. She gave us her Instagram (@Macndrees). For a reason I thought her being left-handed was great. I don’t see that much left handed artist and being left handed myself added to to her being unique.




Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrea Mejia

Exhibition: Word of the Year

Media: Painting, Comic Book, Group Gallery

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @Macndrees




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