Wk7- Classmate Conversation- Betty Escorcia

While I was taking a couple of pictures for my artist conversation of the week, Betty Escorcia asked if I had a partner for the classmate conversation. Funny to say she asked me before I asked her, I didn’t have a partner myself. Betty being a classmate in my Art 110 class has attended CSULB for four years now. She will be graduating this semester as a sociology major. She as thought about entering the sociology genre of collage since high school; she had also thought about being an artist but stated she isn’t good with drawing herself. She does draw for fun but unfortunately didn’t major into it. Betty has lived in Long Beach with her parents her entire life. Similar to myself, she comes from a Hispanic background. She stated that she enjoyed going to Mexico after she had just gone last December. Betty says she also loves chicken, her yellow 2010 Camaro, and playing video games. She owns a PlayStation 4 and loves playing a game called “OverWatch.” I am also assuming she plays video games with her boyfriend, as she told me her boyfriend likes soccer just like I do. I asked her if she had any pets and she said she actually has two birds, one named Junior and the other Beto. Funny to say that Junior is a female; Betty didn’t find out she was a girl until after Junior got pregnant. Betty was a great person to meet, we both like doing a couple of similar activities in our free times: video games, love chicken, and enjoy cars.



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