Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Chris Toledanes

For this week’s classmate conversation, I got to speak to a senior; Chris Toledanes. He is graduating as a computer engineer; sorry to say it will be until next year. The main reason being that he failed a couple of classes. When he told me, I already knew the classes he was about to say. I heard engineering and instantly I thought about math. He stated that he failed Calculus I ones and Calculus II twice. He also told me that he got into engineering after his both parents, they are both engineers; his dad is a civil engineer and his mother is a MIS engineer. Chris’s parents are Filipino and they live in Long Beach. So, he doesn’t dorm; he has been communing all his four years to CSULB. I then asked him what he will like to do with his degree and he replies saying that he wants to design some sort of computer chip, it will be found in any electronic.

Chris also enjoys taking pictures with his camera that cost him around $1,500. He posts a couple of his pictures on a platform called Flickr.



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