Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Amy Duran

Amy Duran is responsible for the art exhibition I chose for this week’s artist conversation. She was not present to answer any questions for me or my fellow classmate had, but thankfully her brother was there to assist; I didn’t get his name unfortunately. Amy Duran is a senior at CSULB and will be graduating this May with a BFA in Ceramics. The work she had place down for students to see was actually a visual fable that in a way represents her personal struggles on feeling anxiety as an adult woman. She created ceramics characters and obstacles to tell a story about a young girl that didn’t feel in place in different situations of her life. A brief summary: The story is about a girl having a dream of herself running away into the forest, hopefully solving her problem. While she is in the forest she finds out she needs to let her inner child go and only then will receive happiness. I enjoyed this fable after I kind of related on filling out of place and too sometimes feel like running away.

The presentation of the entire story also caught my eye. The entire story was surrounded by a fake house, which made it feel like if I entered an actual home. (PICTURES BELOW)

After you have entered, the story is told in parts, from the start to finish. There is ceramic display with a written description for every section. The ceramic displays also had levers, which would move the characters. Duran’s brother said he helped to build the levers but did not know how his sister built the ceramic figures or the fake home around the place.

Her brother told the students that they are from the city Buena Park and that his sister has been comminute her entire CSULB journey. I then asked if he knew if it was Amy’s first gallery and replied by agreeing. I then asked for his sister’s hobbies and said she only works on her art and her bakery skills. Amy apparently loves to decorate cakes at a bakery she is employed at.


Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: Forever by your Side

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Instagram: @polkadot.pony


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