Wk 10- Art Experience- Architecture: The Wedge

I did my redesign on the USU Wedge, funny to say that I’m one of the students that has a little affection to the wedge. The first time I ever came to CSULB I passed through it after I was to lazy to go around the gray block. The gray block was built to be a place were student drop advertisements or flyers for other students, but to be honest, they rarely use it now days; I took a picture of it and it looked rusted/dusty. So that’s why, for my redesign I have removed it. I thought it was okay to remove it after across the wedge’s flyer block, there’s another one just like it. If students ever want to add flyers, they can place them on the other one. Also by removing it, I do not think students would even care, after it will prevent the traffic it causes most of the time. If anything, the people who have affection to it can still walk between the cement bench and pillar that I have left in my redesign. My redesign in a way still has the USU wedge and prevents from a line from being formed.


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