Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Mark de Artola and Jeremy Masterson

For this week’s classmate conversation, things went a bit different. The assignment was to interact with two other classmates you haven’t spoken to and the classmates I got to speak to were Mark de Artola and Jeremey Masterson. I did my index cards with them after we had to connect our cards and create an art piece similar to one in the gallery’s.

So, what I learned about both of them wasn’t much but I got the basics down. Mark is a 2nd year student and lives in Temple City, CA. Which I was shock to hear after the city is pretty far from the school. He says that he doesn’t dorm and that he drives from his home to school 4 days a week. I then asked him for the type of car that he drives and he said it is a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle; which for some reason explained why he loves to drive. His major is in Kinesiology with the emphasis in exercise science.

Jeremy is also a 2nd year and is majoring in business accounting. He told me that he lives in Long Beach at the moment but is originally from the bay area. I didn’t get to know if he dorms or not but I am assuming he does. Asking for his hobbies, he stated that he plays ultimate Frisbee and enjoys hanging out with his friends. I think that him playing ultimate Frisbee is very unique, after to be honest I didn’t even know Frisbee can be played with different teams. I’m curious if he plays for a team?

They both seemed to be chill and nice guys. I hope I get to interact with them a bit more.



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