Wk 13- Artist Conversation- Krystal Ramirez

The artist I got to speak to this week was named Krystal Ramirez. Her exhibition “La Cena Esta Servida” was located in the Merlino Gallery. Krystal is at student in CSULB and is receiving her BFA in Metal and Jewelry soon, which to be honest stands out in her art pieces I saw this Wednesday.

Walking in her gallery the first thing that ones sees is a huge dining table with silver ware placed on top; the sliver ware being her art. There were around 11 plates that had different appliances on top, all the appliances were created by her and with different types of metals/jewelry. A couple of examples: copper, pewter, sterling sliver, brass, and bronzed. The plates, which were a variety, all had their own names. She says that they indicate different relationships she has made in the dining table over time, “reflecting on the people that have been part of my journey and the influence they have had on me.”

Assuming she is Hispanic off her name and her appearance, I think forming relationships over the dining table is a Hispanic thing, after by myself being part of a Hispanic family, we always take dining time seriously. We all sit together and discuss with each other. Sometimes we invite others to eat with us and over time we build relationships.


Exhibition Information:

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: La Cena Esta Servida

Gallery: Merlino Gallery

Media: Metal and Jewelry



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