Wk14- Art Experience- Sketching in the Japanese Garden

To start off my art experience for this week, I went to the Japanese garden and I want to state that I actually did not even know the place existed. I do not know if it is because I am a first year, or for some other reason but I just what to say the place is actually very beautiful and amazing. As soon as I entered the place felt like I teleport to another place, it was quite relaxing and for some reason I thought the place was going to be a bit smaller than it was; there is actually a lot of interesting sections with in it.

For my sketches, I already knew I was going to be very horrible so I tried to no pick things with too much detail. For my five-30 second sketches, the time went pretty quick. People might barely tell what I chose. The five small sketches consisted of a small tree, what looked like bamboo, a rock, and a small Japanese doll I saw in a small compartment.

Then when I got into my 5 minute sketches, I chose an island that was located in the koi fish pond. I sat pretty far from it after there was not enough room I could have sat down. So, after I am poor at drawing and I couldn’t see the pond that well, my 5-minute sketch of the island came out as shown below.

When I started doing my hand contouring sketch, I thought it was going to be quite easy, but as I went though it I was corrected. It did not come out to be perfect but it looks better than my other sketches.

For the 3 minor abstract sketches I chose two types of leafs and a plant that had a ton of red cherry look a like beans on every small vine; and again I am garage at drawing so they came out like shown below.

Finally, I did another 3 sets of abstract sketches but this time I chose things a bit larger, which were a Japanese water fountain, small statue, and a set of bamboo branches. I actually do not even know if the water thing I chose is called a fountain but I did an abstract sketch on it.

Overall, all my sketches were awful BUT it was nice discovering a beautiful and relaxing place at CSULB.


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