Wk14- Classmate Conversation- Jacob Siciliano

The classmate conversation I got to have this week was with Jacob Siciliano, and actually he came up to me asking if I needed a partner for the assignment, which I am glad he did. Jacob is a freshman at CSULB but is actually from Lancaster California. He currently dorms at Parkside and says he is enjoying studying at Long Beach so far but is temped to study broad; which if he does, he will be heading to France or Italy. He said because he has a bit of Italian in his family.

Jacob’s major is film and is heading to become a director or screen writer. Jacob seemed very into his major and I hope he becomes what he desires.

Other than that, he also enjoys playing a 6 string electric guitar. I wish I would have asked him if he knew to play any songs but I guess I had a brain fart.

I enjoyed meeting Jacob, he is a nice guy and is easy to talk to, we actually discovered that we both like the same TV Series/Show, it is a bit old but is streaming on Netflix, “The Office.”



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