Wk 4- Artist Conversation- Robert Nehemiah and Elmer Guevara

So, for this week’s artist conversation a couple other classmates and I actually got to interview two artists. They seem to know each other so they could have been best friends or just art partners. The two artist were Robert Nehemiah and Elmer Guevara; Robert says he grew up in a lot of places, the bay area being one of them but he lives in Pico Rivera at the moment. Elmer Guevara states that he was born and raised in Los Angeles. Both of the artist are undergraduates and currently attend at CSULB for draw and paint. They are both working for their BFA after it’s their last semester. Another reason I think they are best friends it’s because they both also have a similar goal to achieve; they want to continue studying to achieve their master degrees.

Getting into their art, Roberts paintings are usually smaller than Elmer’s. Roberts art is painted on unusual surfaces and surfaces that don’t last as long. Some of the surfaces that he painted on were a side of a broken wooden box, big metal plate, cardboard, and a piece that seems to be from a tent. The art that is painted on the surfaces are mostly portraits of his loved ones. At the Max L. Gatov Gallery West in CSULB he has more than a couple pieces. He drew a mentor he loves, unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the mentor but that’s one of the ones I enjoyed the most after it had a lot of detail on the beard. Other pieces he as at the gallery are of a mother, grandmother, and he also has a self portrait. One of the classmates ask which from all was his favorite and I like the way he answered. He says that he really doesn’t have a favorite because it will be like asking which person he loved the most, but the one that always comes to his mind is his painting of his grandmother on the cardboard surface. He states that the art piece took him the longest to complete and that he kept going back to it, adding more and more to detail. (see pictures of his art below)

Elmer Guevara having larger paintings than Robert says that all of his art pieces are based on real life people that he interviewed. By him living in Los Angeles, he gets to talk to homeless people that live or stay in the areas of the metro, under freeways, or even in street intersections. He also states that his paintings are collages of the homeless person’s personality or character. I loved Elmer’s paintings, to me they seem that they need to be in a museum. When I first saw them I thought the paintings where replicas of some famous/ popular artist. Having a plot behind every painting is why I love them the most. One of the paintings that I seen from him also had pieces of jean textile, giving the painting a more vivid look in my opinion. (see pictures of his art below)

Also, one of the art pieces that was within the others was of a spray painted pink panther. I was told that Elmer created it, meaning that not only Elmer knows how to paint but he knows how to spray paint.

Both of the artists I got to meet were both very nice and unique; they gave us their Instagram’s (Robert Nehemiah @wookieewarrior / Elmer Guevara @3lmski1)

I hope they get what they want to achieve because they are both indeed very talented.

Exhibition Information

Artist: Robert Nehemiah; Elmer Guevara

Exhibition:  Immaterial

Media: Draw and Paint, Personal Life, Interview

Gallery: CSULB School of art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: @wookieewarrior / @3lmski1


Wk 3 – Artist Conversation- Kelvin Lopez

So one of the artist that my classmates and I got to interview was Kelvin Lopez; I’m inferring that his nationality is Hispanic off his name. Kelvin stated that his art life started in his hometown of San Diego. He was always interested in art, so the first art class he took was in his freshmen year of high school; Kelvin said he was horrible. In fact, other students used to make fun of him. Furthermore, after he graduated from his high school, he attended a community college in San Diego, where he got his associates degree in art.

He then transfers to CSULB, he discussed that he took a draw and paint class and he removed it right after. He disliked that the classroom was always stuffy and hot, very unventilated. Continues by saying that he also got headaches from the oils of the paint used in the class. Eventually, he turns to the screen printing genre of art. He turned very good at screen printing because he enjoyed it. He says that the multiply layers that it takes to do an art piece in screen printing made him neat, OCD.

He is now a senior at CSULB, actually he has a job in the university where he screen prints. At the moment he has a solo exhibition in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery between FA3 and FA2 named “SCRY BABY”. A couple of the art pieces he has to show have to do with crystals. He stated that all of his pieces are of his personal life; I took a few pictures of them, which you can see are under this post. He says that the people in his prints are either him, his nephew, or his dog Lou. On top of his personal photos, he adds a few layers of crystals. His ex girlfriend introduced him to crystals, when she gave him a type of crystal named green onyx. He got more into crystals with time; he sees them as very spiritual and beautiful.

Also, one of the picture I took seemed very weird so I asked him about it, he states that it’s a screen shot from a music video. The music video is from the band “Portugal the Man” and the song is named “Noise Pollution.” The piece that I’m referring to is the one with a guy climbing down a tree. He enjoys the band after he actually has contact with them.

Kelvin was a great/nice artist to discuss with, not only because I enjoy his art but because he is very unique and talented. He gave the students his Instagram (@Klart760). I hope he gets his BFA in CSULB, finishes grad school, and becomes a part time art instructor like he dreams about.

Exhibition Information

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: SCRY BABY

Media: Screen Printing, Crystals, Personal Life

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @Klart760

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KLART760

Contact: klart760@gmail.com


Wk 3- Classmate Conversation- Gabby Salazar

On this week’s classmate conversation, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to discuss with another student. The entire class was doing the artist conversations and when it was time to return to class, I thought I didn’t get enough time. Luckily I got to talk to Gabby Salazar when I got back into class. Gabby is a senior at CSULB, and her major is political science. She is hoping to get a job in the FBI as a background investigator. She is originally from Bakersfield California; she moved in to downtown Long Beach this year. I asked her for her favorite movie and she responded “Dances with Wolfs” she recommended it after I haven’t watched it myself. She states that she enjoys watching the movie because the beautiful landscape backgrounds and also for a nice man vs. nature genre. She likes nature, so she hikes.

She says she is a great cook, she’ll make you a burger and some Mexican rice. Her nationality is Mexican, unfortunately she can’t speak Spanish but she can understand it well.

She was very open to discussing with me and I enjoyed meeting her.20170208_154739

Wk 2- Classmate Conversation- David Valle

On the first day of February, I had my second visit to my Art 110 class; we had another classmate conversation and I got to meet another student from CSULB. When I was about to stand up to look for a person to talk to, David Valle asked me if I wanted to have a conversation with him, after he already knew the person beside him from Downey high school. So how every college conversation start, we asked for one another’s majors. He is a first year business student and his goal is maybe to graduate in marketing. Because business is my second choice after engineering; I asked curiously, what he tends to do with his degree and he states that he’ll be helping with his dads trucking business.

Further on, after I finished explaining that I play soccer as a sport, he tells me that he enjoys soccer as well; unfortunately, he some what retired because he injured one of his legs’ tendons.

He also drives a 2000 Jetta to school.20170201_154533

Wk 2- Art Experience- Landscapes with a Corpse

This week’s activity was to mimic a talented artist named Izima Kaoru; His Landscapes with a Corpse photographs create scenes of peoples’ deaths. At first it took me a while to find a great idea to capture, after I never pretended to die before. However, then I remembered an experience I had at the doctors about a year ago. My doctor assigned me to drink more water, after some results she had of me stated I needed to be hydrated more often. I began replacing soda for water and then about two weeks ago I seen a channel in television discussing about water poisoning better know as water intoxication. Water intoxication is a fatal disturbance in the human brain functions that occur when the body is overhydrated; The body’s normal level of electrolytes goes outside safe limits and can cause a person to die.

I thought that it was an abnormal, horrible but interesting way to die, so I elected it as my personal Landscapes with a Corpse.

Setting the scene for me was pretty easy, after all I needed was water.

I became a fan of Kaoru’s art, after all of his photos are extremely detailed and out of the ordinary.

Plaster Casting Activity

Alright so, because I didn’t get another classmate to help me on this plaster activity, I took my family. Other than I knew I needed help; I also didn’t want to be alone at a beach with people staring at me because I’m digging a hole and pouring what looks like cement. We went to the San Pedro Beach. Starting to mix the plaster I didn’t know if the ocean water would do any malfunctions to the plaster so, I had to carry clear water from the shower heads. At first I put what I thought was enough water to the four pounds of plaster and then it seemed like I put too much water. I thought I ruined it; I was already on my way to buy more plaster and then it started to turn a bit thicker.

After I made the hole and poured the plaster in the layout, we supposedly had to wait 20-30 minutes like the instructions say but NO! We waited around two hours and then got tired. We covered the hole with some dry sand and went to get some food. It might have taken longer to dry because I put a bit more water than it needed. We came back and VUALA!!!

Using the powder plaster reminded me about when I mix cement with my dad at work. I really enjoyed doing the activity not only because it was at the beach but because I spent time with my family

Wk1 – classmate conversation

Wednesday was my first day that I attended my Art110 class. After my professor Glenn finished explaining, answering any questions we might have had for the upcoming semester, he told the class to find a classmate to have a conversation with. I actually got to talk to two classmates that where both sitting near me. Both of them were females, the one that was sitting right next to me was named Norma Garcia. I learned that Norma is attending CSULB to become a journalist after she already has completed three years at CSULB and is going on her fourth. Norma dorms and she is origanally from Riverside CA. The other classmate that I got to speak to was Tayler Martin. This is Tayler’s first year at CSULB and her goal is to become a nurse. Tayler stated that she lives close by CSULB and she was home schooled. Both of the classmates that I got to meet for the first time were very kind and unique. img950653