Wk12- Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini

For this week, the art pieces that I enjoyed to see were all placed in the East Max L. Gatov Gallery and were property of Alice Andreini. She is a graduate student of Draw and Paint, from CSULB. A couple fun facts about her is that she loves to go hiking and peeping art galleries. She has been living in Long Beach for 6 years and she ones had a job at a movie theater.

Through out her art pieces, Alice has different colors; she says that she tried to tie the different colors with the time settings of the day. Like for example, blue was for a gloomy night and the gold/yellow is the golden hours of a sunset. Which I thought was very wise of her. Her paintings are about different landscapes and of her personal perspectives of them. She also said she scouted the landscapes before she actually started painting them, for example my favorite piece from her which is the blue one below, is from a golf course. She made it clear that she isn’t inspired by nature that much, but loves illusions or special constructs. Which personally I think she shows. She made the golf course look like a virtual reality. But before she created the big pieces she actually did smaller ones (which are also below.) The smaller paintings follow the same landscape concept but they don’t have any color, only black and white.

This was the only information I got to receive and I would have hoped I could have asked a bit more; I had to do something important.


Exhibition Information

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Media: Painting, Landscapes, illusions

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East


Wk 4- Artist Conversation- Robert Nehemiah and Elmer Guevara

So, for this week’s artist conversation a couple other classmates and I actually got to interview two artists. They seem to know each other so they could have been best friends or just art partners. The two artist were Robert Nehemiah and Elmer Guevara; Robert says he grew up in a lot of places, the bay area being one of them but he lives in Pico Rivera at the moment. Elmer Guevara states that he was born and raised in Los Angeles. Both of the artist are undergraduates and currently attend at CSULB for draw and paint. They are both working for their BFA after it’s their last semester. Another reason I think they are best friends it’s because they both also have a similar goal to achieve; they want to continue studying to achieve their master degrees.

Getting into their art, Roberts paintings are usually smaller than Elmer’s. Roberts art is painted on unusual surfaces and surfaces that don’t last as long. Some of the surfaces that he painted on were a side of a broken wooden box, big metal plate, cardboard, and a piece that seems to be from a tent. The art that is painted on the surfaces are mostly portraits of his loved ones. At the Max L. Gatov Gallery West in CSULB he has more than a couple pieces. He drew a mentor he loves, unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the mentor but that’s one of the ones I enjoyed the most after it had a lot of detail on the beard. Other pieces he as at the gallery are of a mother, grandmother, and he also has a self portrait. One of the classmates ask which from all was his favorite and I like the way he answered. He says that he really doesn’t have a favorite because it will be like asking which person he loved the most, but the one that always comes to his mind is his painting of his grandmother on the cardboard surface. He states that the art piece took him the longest to complete and that he kept going back to it, adding more and more to detail. (see pictures of his art below)

Elmer Guevara having larger paintings than Robert says that all of his art pieces are based on real life people that he interviewed. By him living in Los Angeles, he gets to talk to homeless people that live or stay in the areas of the metro, under freeways, or even in street intersections. He also states that his paintings are collages of the homeless person’s personality or character. I loved Elmer’s paintings, to me they seem that they need to be in a museum. When I first saw them I thought the paintings where replicas of some famous/ popular artist. Having a plot behind every painting is why I love them the most. One of the paintings that I seen from him also had pieces of jean textile, giving the painting a more vivid look in my opinion. (see pictures of his art below)

Also, one of the art pieces that was within the others was of a spray painted pink panther. I was told that Elmer created it, meaning that not only Elmer knows how to paint but he knows how to spray paint.

Both of the artists I got to meet were both very nice and unique; they gave us their Instagram’s (Robert Nehemiah @wookieewarrior / Elmer Guevara @3lmski1)

I hope they get what they want to achieve because they are both indeed very talented.

Exhibition Information

Artist: Robert Nehemiah; Elmer Guevara

Exhibition:  Immaterial

Media: Draw and Paint, Personal Life, Interview

Gallery: CSULB School of art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: @wookieewarrior / @3lmski1