Wk 5-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing

For this week’s activity I had to get some crayons or anything that could leave a nice color on a 22X30’ size paper. I got the oil crayons that Glenn recommend from Daiso; funny it may seem but it was my first time at Daiso, it’s a nice place to get different materials for a low price. I was supposed to buy the large piece of paper at the schools’ art store like I told myself, but unfortunately it slipped by my head and I forgot, so I hit my local Dollar Tree.

So the person that helped me was my sister. She thought it was interesting after I explained it to her and started to laugh, “how is the crayon going to move by itself?” The oil crayons were to small, especially after I have pretty large hands. We laid down the paper and we had our hands in the center of the paper for about 5 minutes, after some chuckles. She said she felt some “force” towards her side of the paper and vuala the crayon moved.

The crayon stopped in a couple of spots and sometimes it just came off the paper. My sister and I were both just laughing. The drawing wasn’t the best but it in deed reminded me of one of my childhood memories, “Spirograph”. I enjoyed this art experience not only because it’s an uncommon task but because I had the chance to do it with my sister.



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